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iBeacon Development Services

At Vedmay, we combine the latest technologies with the most elegant user experiences to deliver the best solutions for iBeacon application development. Our team of expert iBeacon developers is highly qualified with deep knowledge and understanding in Low Energy Bluetooth - essential to unlock the power of iBeacon.

Features of iBeacon Implementation:

  • Powers personalized proximity interactions.
  • Create exclusive experiences for users.
  • Keeps you engaged with your customers for products or services.

    iBeacon is a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Apple device that works in two segments – first as a sender or broadcaster, a low-cost transmitter device and second as a receiver, an enabled IOS 7 or 8 device.

    iBeacon applications can help you with:

  • Displaying special offers to your customers when they enter in your store
  • Providing guidance regarding different departments in supermarkets or hospitals
  • Providing information about specific product from some distance in a store
  • Offering additional information such as discount, freebies, etc. about a specific art or article when the visitor is near to it

    Why choose us?

    We at Vedmay Technologies accept challenges and offer iBeacon App Development services, helping you connect with the customers or visitors exists in your premises. iBeacon offer great personalization and user experience to connect with nearby iOS devices.


    Vedmay Technologies is a leading app development company. We have a team of experts in latest technology including iBeacon experts. iBeacon apps are the just right solution for one-to-one user interaction. We have already developed many iBeacon applications for different businesses.