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XMPP is a protocol for messaging tools for chatting

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XMPP Chat Application Development

Vedmay Technology is a leading iOS and Android App development company, and offer comprehensive services for advanced technologies including XMPP Chat mobile Application.

Since, XMPP protocol has been introduced before modern web and smartphone, it has kept up with the pace and is just mobile and websocket aware. Therfore, ejabberd supports the latest refinements of XMPP to develop modern and latest services on mobile and Web. Ejabberd platform is versatile and supports fault tolerance mechanisms along with the capability to upgrade the server while it is running- allowing build messaging services with unmatched uptime.

Today, messaging tools have become an everyday companion for most of us. People use different messaging tools for chatting including Gmail, Facebook, Skype, Yahoo messenger, WatsApp and others on android and iOS mobiles. XMPP is the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol, an advanced technology for instant messaging and backbone of today’s chat world.

XMPP based Android and iOS chat apps allows:

  • Public-subscribe services
  • Different user chat
  • Form retrieval and processing
  • Real time data transfer
  • Privacy controlled
  • Remote procedural calls

    XMPP technology facilitates a real time messaging with the tracking and notifications of presence and availability and performs functions across corporate boundaries and on vast range of devices. Since XMPP is most reliable, scalable and is readily available technology, it is supported by multiple platforms including Android and iOS. Using XMPP, we can craft a powerful stand-alone messenger for your business or add instant messaging functionality to the existing product.

    Vedmay Technologies can help your business deliver XMPP chat app. With years of experience, we deliver you the most innovative solutions and services to all your business requirements. We hold an expertise in developing all kinds of android and iOS applications.